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Safety is the #1 Consideration

A combination of resources to run safe, yet adventurous programs together with a four part comprehensive Youth Protection program of leadership selection, training and education, policies to create Barriers to Abuse and mandatory reporting of suspected abuse, create a safe haven where our youth members can grow and learn while having the time of their lives!  Sustained vigilance is required to maintain such an environment.  

The links to the right in green will bring you to a wealth of information on these and other topics of safety.

There is also a great link to the National BSA Youth Protection site but before you go there, it’s important to know that Chester County Council, and several other councils have adopted stricter Youth Protection Training (YPT) requirements that supersede the national Policy.

All NEW volunteers must submit the Youth Protection Training certificate of completion with their adult application in order to register. (The National BSA policy allows 30 days after submitting the application.)

 Also, Youth Protection Training, while good for 2 years from the date of completion, must be current during the entire charter period. (The National BSA policy requires that it is current only on the first day of the charter period.)  This, in effect requires the training to be taken each year.

Please keep these council requirements in mind as you proceed to the National BSA website for additional information.  When you are through viewing the National BSA resources, and there are a lot of them, close the window to return to the Chester County Council Safety page.

Keeping kids safe both in and out of Scouting is a big job.  It takes everyone’s help to ensure our many adventurous activities are conducted safely and that Scouting remains free from abuse and bullying.  We also want our Scouts to have the information they need to be safe in activities outside of Scouting.

We are committed to consistently strengthening and enhancing our Youth Protection measures, and in recent decades, have expanded our programs significantly as more information and new techniques and technologies have become available to us. Recently, experts in youth safety and the media have acknowledged the strength of our Youth Protection programs in place today:

“The Boy Scouts of America is one group advocates say has gone farthest to institute such measures to safeguard kids.” (MSNBC, November 2011)

“The Scouts’ current prevention policies are considered state of the art and several independent child-protection experts told The Associated Press that the Scouts—though buffeted in the past by many abuse-related lawsuits—are now considered a leader in combating sexual abuse. ‘The Boy Scouts have the most advanced policies and training,’ said Victor Vieth, a former prosecutor who heads the National Child Protection Training Center in Minnesota.” (Associated Press, January 2012.

The Executive Board and Staff of the Chester County Council, BSA are honored by the faith in Scouting that the parents of more than 6,000 boys and girls exhibit annually by entrusting their children to us.  Our top priority is to meet and exceed their expectations for the safety of their children while delivering outstanding adventures and life changing programs that instill a set of values and skills that will equip our young people to be the leaders of tomorrow.

We are blessed each year with more than 2,500 adults who volunteer their time and energy for the children of their community through Scouting.  By rigorous screening and mandatory training we strive to ensure that only the best are approved for leadership and that they are fully aware of our procedures to prevent child abuse and the correct actions to follow if they feel a child’s safety is in danger.


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