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Packaging Alert from Trail's End: "...If you receive Classic Caramel Corn or Salted Caramel Corn bags with serrated seals, please use caution when removing them from the shipping case. To ensure that these bags do not tear, open the case flaps fully and carefully pick up the bags in the middle, not on the corners."


The annual popcorn sale is not just a great way for units to earn money for their activities; it also teaches Scouts that we earn our own way; not just expect to be paid for.  They also learn some important life lessons, like:

1. Goal Setting Skills and working towards that goal - What prize does your Scout want this year?

2. Persuasion Skills – Because the popcorn is a bit on the expensive side, a Scout has to be persuasive. Scouts are taught to say, “Would you like to support Scouting by buying some popcorn?” They're selling support of a great organization – not just some popcorn. 
Part of being persuasive is overcoming objections. No cash? We can take debit and credit cards. Don’t eat popcorn?  Make a military donation. When they say it’s expensive, tell them that over 70% of the price stays in our area to support local Scouting.
Even if your Scout doesn’t grow up to be a salesperson, persuasion skills are necessary for almost every job.

3. Handling Rejection Skills – Yep, Scouts are going to be turned down. They will knock on doors where no one is home. Sometimes at show and sells, they’re going to be ignored.  The value of 'no'...

4. Perseverance Skills – Selling popcorn is a huge lesson in perseverance. If you don’t sell at this house, you just go on to the next house.  If that person leaving the store doesn’t stop and buy, you just ask the next person. Being tenacious is important – it’s what gets you through big school projects and big work projects.

5.  Math Skills – Oh, my! There are so many ways to practice math during the popcorn sale! 


 Sale Ends                            Fri, Oct 18                                                                                             
 Full Case Returns

Fri, Oct 18, 5p - 7p

 Old Entenmanns, 690 E. Lincoln Hwy, Exton (no sign-up required, just show up)
 Final Orders Oct 15 - Oct 20  Trail's End Leader Portal (use User's Guide, under Training tab)
 Prize Ordering Oct 28 - Dec 31  Trail's End Leader Portal (see email from Trail's End for instructions and video)
 Invoice Balances Due  Fri, Nov 8  CCCBSA, 226 Exton Square Mall, Exton, PA 19341

 Final Order Pick-up


Fri, Nov 15

 Old Entenmann's690 E. Lincoln Hwy, Exton


 Click here for Popcorn Calendar


Base Commission 35% of  Sales (automatically calculated within Trail's End system)
Trained Unit - have 2 unit members attend Popcorn Training  +5% of Sales (automatically calculated within Trail's End system)
$ 10,000+ Club  +3% on sales over 10,000 (manually entered circa 10/28)
New Unit Bonus Get 100% commission on your first $1,000 in product (manually entered circa 10/28)


 Flat Commission Rate  35% of Sales



All credit card funds are held for 48 hours, which gives you time to process a refund if a transaction is made in error. After 48 hours the transaction is locked in. If your Unit has a balance due to Council on your popcorn invoice statement, the funds will be applied towards that unpaid balance 2 business days after you take the sale. This applies to the entire transaction amount for Trail’s End App sales, and towards your commission amount for all Online Sales.

What does that look like?
App Sales: Your Unit runs a storefront at Walmart on Saturday, and rings up $300 of credit card transactions. You made one transaction by mistake and issue a $20 refund on Sunday (within 48 hours). At the end of the day on Tuesday (2nd business day), $280 is applied towards your popcorn invoice statement.

Online Sales:Your Scout makes an online sale for $100 on Sunday, and your Unit gets a 35% commission. At the end of the day on Tuesday, a $35 credit is applied towards your popcorn invoice statement.

What if I don’t owe my Council money for popcorn?
If you don’t owe money for popcorn, you can transfer your App credit card sales and online commissions into your Unit bank account. There are two scheduled transfers every month, one of the 14th, and one on the 28th. Please see payment schedule (pictured) for more details.



  Popcorn@cccbsa.org | (610) 696-2900
 DR District Exec: Adam.Miller@scouting.org | x 127  Asst. Scout Exec: Craig.Sims@scouting.org | x 114
 HT District Exec: Doug.Pinard@scouting.org | x 124  District Asst: Beth.Ferstler@scouting.org | x 130
 OC District Exec:  Craig.Sims@scouting.org | x 114  



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