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Horseshoe Scout Reservation Usage Policies and Regulations


UNIT LEADERS: Please review the information below with your unit prior to your weekend event.


Seven Principles of Leave No Trace
  • Plan ahead and prepare - Know the regulations and special concerns of the facility
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces
  • Dispose of waste properly - "Pack it in, pack it out". Dispose of all unwanted food and trash waste in proper receptacles.
  • Leave what you find - Preserve and protect the natural environment. Do not dig trenches or build permanent structures.
  • Minimize campfire impacts - Keep fires small. Use ONLY existing fire circles. Burn all coals to ash, put out fire completely and scatter cool ashes. 
  • Respect wildlife - Do not molest, disturb, or injure the wildlife or their nesting places and habitat. HSR is their home. remember, WE are the visitors.
  • Be considerate of other campers - Respect other visitors and by protecting the quality of their experience.

In accordance with the Boy Scouts of America's Guide to Safe Scouting, Cub Scouts are not permitted to participate in "winter camping". The CCCBSA defines winter camping as sleeping outdoors in a tent, Adirondack or any other un-heated shelter.  For all Cub and Webelos Scouts, camping in a tent, Adirondack or un-heated structure from the period of November 15th through March 15th is not permitted. In addition, if a pack outing is conducted during the months when tent camping is permitted, other accommodations or arrangements must be made if the outside, overnight temperature is forecasted to fall below 45°. At all times however, Cub scouts are permitted to "cabin camp". A cabin is defined as a four walled, heated hard covered structure.


Participating campers must provide their own sleeping and personal gear. During the weekend camping seasons cooking, dining and program equipment must be provided by the unit. Bow saws, firefighting equipment, splitting mauls, shovels and rakes can be signed out from the campmaster.


All units reserving cabins for weekend camping programs (except Macaleer Lodge) are required to leave a $50 firewood  deposit per facility rented with the ranger or campmaster. This deposit will be returned to the unit upon check-out after verification that an equal amount of any firewood (hardwood only) used by the group during the weekend has been replaced. 

Please DO NOT include this deposit with any reservation fee payments for made at the Council Office or at camp (Tent, Adirondack, and Stockade sites as well as Macaleer Lodge do not have to provide a firewood deposit). 
The use of chainsaws is restricted to operators who are at least 18 years old and have successfully completed the BSA Chainsaw Safety Training class (20-136).


Groups camping at the Horseshoe Scout Reservation can check in beginning at 6 PM on Friday evening. All arriving units must check in with the ranger or the campmaster BEFORE going to your cabin/campsite. Please contact the ranger (610-696-2900, ext. 129) if your check-in time will differ from that which had been indicated on your initial reservation.
  • Inspect your facility for previous damage before moving in. Notify the ranger or campmaster of any items that need to be repaired or replaced. Please do not wait until Sunday's check-out to inform us of maintenance needs that can be corrected immediately.

  • At least one representative is required to attend the "Leader Meeting" on Friday evening in the campmaster's Lodge for review of camp policy, emergency procedures, etc.

  • Two (2) adult leaders (one of which must be registered and at least 21 yrs. of age) must be present and remain with the unit at all times during their stay at the Horseshoe Scout Reservation. Units that fail to maintain the minimum number of adult leaders will not be permitted to remain in camp.

PARKING - All vehicles must be parked in designated areas ONLY.
Parking in campsites is prohibited during all camping seasons. This requirement is necessary to protect the camp environment and in the event of any emergency. It is absolutely critical that there be clear, unhindered access to all roads, campsites and buildings. 

  • Camp Horseshoe: Vehicles may unload at the closest access point to their cabin/campsite but must then be promptly returned to a DESIGNATED PARKING AREA.

  • Camp Ware: No vehicles are permitted beyond the main parking lot. Units with trailers can contact the ranger for special accommodations. 


  • It is a violation of the local fire safety ordinances to disable, damage or otherwise interfere with the smoke or carbon monoxide detectors located in the cabins. If there is an issue with any detector, please contact the campmaster of ranger immediately.

  • Never leave your campfires unattended.  Units must have adequate firefighting equipment available (to include at least a backpack water pump, fire rake and shovel) prior to starting a fire. Equipment can be checked out from the campmaster. Campfires must be completely extinguished (cold to the touch) when finished. Please remember, by Pennsylvania State law, any person who starts a forest fire may be held liable for the cost of extinguishing the fire . . . so be extra careful when building outdoor fires.
  • Please report all injuries or incidents immediately to a ranger or campmaster.
  • Health and safety regulations do not allow campers to bring pets.

  • The beds of pick up trucks are for hauling equipment only. ABSOLUTELY NO riders are permitted in the back of pickup trucks. All passengers MUST be in the cab. One passenger per seat belt.

  • Electrical, propane, gasoline (Coleman) or kerosene space heaters are not permitted in tents or any camp lodges or buildings. 

WEEKEND CHECK-OUT - Departure time: no later than 12:00 noon on Sunday.

  • Leave your cabin/campsite cleaner than you found it. Police the perimeter area outside of your cabin or campsite for trash and debris. Place all trash in plastic bags and dispose of as directed by the campmaster or ranger. Replenish firewood for next week's troop. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the unit's $50.00 deposit.

  • When ready to depart turn in your "check-out" list to the campmaster or ranger. Do not leave camp without the campmaster or ranger review. 

GENERAL - Camping at the Horseshoe Scout Reservation is a “privilege" not a right.

  • The burning of pine in cabin fireplaces or wood stoves is prohibited.
  • The felling of ANY standing timber is strictly forbidden without the approval of an HSR ranger. A fine of $15 per inch of tree diameter will be assessed for any violation.

  • Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and all fireworks are absolutely prohibited. 

  • Report any facility maintenance needs to a ranger or campmaster.

  • Do not leave the Reservation without notifying the campmaster or ranger. 

  • “Un-Scouting like” conduct or behavior will not be tolerated. Units may forfeit its camping privilege.

  • Units will be responsible for any damage they may have caused during their stay.


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