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Welcome unit advancement processors. With your help the council will be able to maintain individual achievement records on our youth and give you access to the most current roster of adults and youth in your unit - all from your home or office. Units can use Internet Advancement at any time as long as your unit is an active unit, which means it is no more than two months past its expiration date. The Unit ID will not work when your unit charter is lapsed for two months!

We recommend that units enter data at least once a month so that records are current. Also any advancements earned during the current year must be entered by December 31st of that year.

First contact the council office at registrar@cccbsa.org to obtain your unit ID number. Remember, use your unit ID to log Good Turn for America hours also! Our council staff can also reset profiles and passwords if needed.

If you use Packmaster or Troopmaster, please be sure to check out great tips to "sync" the BSA records and your units advancement records.

To use Internet Advancement:

  1. Unit advancement processor must have Internet connectivity and have Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  2. Contact the council office at registrar@cccbsa.org to obain your unique unit ID number.
  3. Gather information for advancement, including merit badge applications and advancement records with dates.
  4. Click Internet Advancement below on this page. Follow the instructions in Internet Advancement to process advancements and print two advancement reports.
  5. Have the appropriate people sign the printed unit advancement report and submit to the trading post at our Council Service Center. Save a copy for your files.

Click here to access the BSA Internet Advancement System

Click here to access the BSA Internet Advancement Help files

Interested in becoming a Merit Badge Counselor? Please click here for more information. 

**Please Note: If you are planning to advertise an activity in our Trailblazer Newsletter that involves earning Merit Badges, please submit this form to our advancement committee for approval PRIOR to submitting an article.**

Scoutbook now automatically syncs with
BSA national
advancement database

How to sync Scoutbook with the advancement database

All scouting units with active Scoutbook subscriptions are invited to complete the one-time Scoutbook youth advancement sync. Note that this process must be performed by a currently registered key 3 member of your unit.

You should complete this process by Dec. 31, 2017. This Date has been pushed back till February 28th 

Starting Jan. 1, 2018, units with active Scoutbook subscriptions will only be able to approve advancements for Scouts who are in the advancement sync. If you have not activated your unit and/or Scouts within your unit, you will not be able to approve advancements for that Scout or Scouts.

Note that as a unit activates the sync, if there are Scouts who have not yet been registered (entered into ScoutNet or My.Scouting) the unit can unapprove those Scouts and continue the sync for the rest of the unit.  Once registration is complete for the outstanding Scouts, the unit can then approve them and they will be included.

The complete steps are outlined in this document.
THe user guide on activating the sync is here: http://bit.ly/syncadv

Things to know about the Scoutbook youth advancement sync

  • In this first phase, only youth advancement records will be synced.
  • Because ScoutNet only tracks completed and signed-off advancements, only “approved” advancements will transfer from Scoutbook to ScoutNet. Partial completions, and items only marked “completed” and not “approved” will continue to be tracked only via Scoutbook.
  • When there is an approved change in an advancement in Scoutbook, it will be reflected in the council records. When the council records change, it will be reflected in Scoutbook. The record with the most recent update date will take precedent.
  • Advancements that require district, council or national approval will not be uploaded from Scoutbook. Instead, they will flow from ScoutNet through to Scoutbook.
  • Scout Shop staff will know that the Advancement Report from Scoutbook and the Advancement Report from Internet Advancement are both certified, and either should be accepted. The bottom of the Advancement Report from Scoutbook looks like this:

What to do if you still have questions

If you have any questions about the Scoutbook Youth Advancement Sync or if your Scouting unit has not received the sync instructions, please send an email to Scoutbooksync@gmail.com.

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