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Frequently Asked Questions about PA Mandated Background Checks

Click here to download all of these questions and answers in pdf format.

Are these final or will they change?

What do I need to know before I review these FAQ?

What is the timeline on this?

What does "registered" and "un-registered" mean?

Does everyone need the background checks?

Who does the State and Chester County Council require to obtain the Background Checks?

Can my background checks be used for more than one organization?

What background checks are required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?

What is the renewal requirement for background checks?

How do I obtain my certifications?

How much do background checks cost?

Who pays for background checks?

Do I still need to submit a copy of my PSP or FBI clearance results when applying for my child abuse clearance?

Are there any other state requirements?

How do I submit the background checks to Chester County Council?

What is the provisional clearance requirement for volunteers?

Who keeps track of all of this?

Can an agency or organization institute additional standards?

Has Chester County Council instituted additional standards?

When we recruit new leaders in the fall is there any provisional period where they can meet before they get the background checks? If not, could they conduct a meeting under the supervision of a leader who does have background checks?

Is there any more guidance on who does and doesn’t need the background checks?

If our troop has a guest speaker or our pack has an entertainer, we go to a sleepover at a museum or battleship, we visit a fire station, airport or nature center – do those people need background checks?

What happens when a Boy Scout turns 18?

Is there any financial help for a leader who cannot afford the fees?

I already have background checks for another organization/work.  Can I use those?

If I see a violation of this law by our unit, who should I contact?

Does a volunteer who meets the 10 year-residency requirement other than living at an out-of-state college need the FBI check?

All of the information discusses getting the background checks online. Are there other options?

How will this work with the Order of the Arrow where youth participants can be as old as 20 years of age?

What if an 18-year-old is registered as a Venturer and an Assistant Scoutmaster?

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