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COPE / Climbing and Rappelling
What is Weekend C.O.P.E.?

The objectives of C.O.P.E. are: Teamwork, Communication, Trust, Leadership, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Self-Esteem and FUN. Weekend C.O.P.E. is an opportunity to build your Scouts’ capacity in these areas during the winter camping season. The Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience provides an excellent opportunity to help build up your Patrols into well-oiled, lean, mean, Scouting machines, while the Climbing Merit Badge allows an opportunity for skill-building and advancement. Of course, the bouldering wall and climbing towers are also available for your use. A typical visit to Weekend C.O.P.E includes a full day doing our Patrol Building Program on Saturday, or a half day of Patrol Building with a half day of climbing. Another option is to just come for a morning or afternoon activity, but the schedule is highly customizable to fit the needs of your Patrol, Troop, Pack or Crew.

Reservations upon request; approval based upon availability of required staff to run the course.

The C.O.P.E experience can be reserved for other weekends but is dependent upon instructor availability.  Unit sign-up per weekend requires a minimum of 12 participants.  Detailed program descriptions below.  If you have any questions about our program, or would like to discuss personalizing your Weekend C.O.P.E. experience, please contact Evan Ellwanger, the C.O.P.E. Committee Chairman.  Click here to register!

 FEES (per person)
Patrol Building   1/2 day   $15.00
   Full day  $30.00
Open Climb / Rappelling    1/2 day     $10.00
Bouldering Wall  1/2 day      $5.00
Climbing Merit Badge*  Full Day  $20.00
 * available on selected dates

Patrol Building Program: The Challenging Outdoor Patrol Experience is a remix of Summer C.O.P.E, where individual Scouts learn advanced leadership and problem-solving skills. The Weekend C.O.P.E. program is different because it focuses on building an existing Patrol into a group of Scouts that can work with and rely on each other in intense situations all year long. We do this by giving Scouts the opportunity to work together to achieve goals on our Low Ropes course elements, climbing and bouldering walls, and custom-built challenge games. Target skills include problem solving, communication, empowering the Patrol Leader, and maintaining a positive attitude. Although this program can be run in a half-day, it works best as a full-day, stand-alone experience. Don’t worry; Patrols who participate in this program will still have a lot to look forward to during Summer C.O.P.E. - this is only a taste of what the Reservation C.O.P.E. program can offer!

Climbing Merit Badge program: The Climbing Merit Badge is a 5 hour course where Scouts learn how to safely and effectively climb, render basic climbing first aid, apply belay technique, and rappel. Merit Badge Counselors are available on the weekends indicated with an asterisk. Although the duration of the Merit Badge depends in part on the skill and strength of the participant, it’s easily possible to complete the entire Merit Badge over the course of a single day. However, due to the number of climbs required, it is not possible to run this program on the same day as one of the our other options. The Climbing Merit Badge program runs from 9am-4pm, and includes a break for lunch.

Bouldering:  The bouldering wall is a great introduction to climbing for younger Scouts or inexperienced climbers. It’s also a great activity for Webelos during a recruitment weekend or Webelos Woods. This half-day program can be run at any time the Course is open, and can be mix-and-matched with a half-day of open climbing or the Patrol Building Program.

Open Climb:   This half-day program presents a challenge for Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts as they attempt to summit our 30-foot climbing tower on any of our 4 ascent paths, including The Cave. Open Climb includes the use of the bouldering wall, and can be scheduled for any time the Course is open. This program can be extended to a full day or mix-and-matched with the Patrol Building Program.

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