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Honoring our commitment to delivering the best possible program to our youth, in Chester County Council we require all direct-contact adult leaders to complete basic training for their position (Click here to see the Council Training Policy).  Untrained direct-contact leaders lose the privilege of serving in that capacity and will be dropped from their unit charters when the unit renews its charter at the end of the year.

To help units achieve the standard of 100% direct-contact leaders trained, for the past year we’ve periodically provided unit committee chairs and the top unit leader with a Training Report for their unit.  The Training Report is in an Excel format and has three tabs.  The first tab lists every registered adult, their position, whether or not they’re trained for their position, the training they’ve completed for their position, and any training they may need.  The second tab shows every adult position in the unit and the minimum training required for each of those positions.  The third tab shows the Youth Protection status of every registered adult as this training must be re-taken every two years.

Every youth deserves a trained leader.  Thank you for your service and for seeking the training opportunities that will help you better serve our Scouts.  For more information, contact the Training team at training@cccbsa.org.


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